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Veteran Mentors

In this section of "Veteran Services" can be found the names of veterans who have volunteered to be available for mentoring to veterans, active military, and their families in need of assistance in the many areas of transition to civilian life.

Check this list of ex-military volunteers who can be of assistance if you are a veteran searching for someone with whom you can relate.

Do you need a "buddy" to trust and confide in?  Veterans, members of the active military, or their families may contact the following veteran volunteers directly for assistance in obtaining any of the services provided by the collaborative. All are veterans of the U. S. Military, many having been deployed to areas of combat. There is always a friend here who can relate to your experiences, and be willing to listen or communicate. 



Title / Group


Phone Number

Gerardo "Jerry" Reyes


President, Student Veterans of America

(College of The Canyons Military Club)


David Barragan


Lisa Raggio


Sam Silver



Albert F. Rodriguez



Bruce Fortine



Patty Manzano


Mike Thorpe


Phillip Hollowell


Global Lead, Veterans Employee Resource Group (Boston Scientific)


 John Corso





Evening Support Sessions Now Available for Veterans and Families

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